Why Can’t I Pee Inside?!

Well, my humans seem to be getting very angry with me. Apparently I’ve pooped on too many of their nice towels, and now they’ve resorted to lining my crate with anything from paper towels to cardboard. They’ve also taken the food and water out of my crate because they couldn’t tell if I spilled the food and water of if it was pee and poop. Sometimes they were all four, so it did kind of create for a mess.

Now that a lot of the boxes are put away, they’ve given me a little more freedom. They’ve shown me that I can hang out in the kitchen and I know that I’m not allowed to go into the living room. I hope that they’ll let me go into the living room soon though because I tested the carpet out the other day and it seems really soft!

Phil took some extra time off of work this week to “finish the last of the unpacking.” He really just wanted to spend more time with me though. He’s been spending a lot of time trying to teach me how to go to the bathroom like a lady. He says that only boy doggies are allowed to make messes on the floors inside. Lady doggies should learn to be clean and polite when they go potty. He’s been showing me some really soft patches of grass in the yard where I can go potty. I’m still getting used to where and when I can go the bathroom and it seems that the extra freedom that they’ve given me in the kitchen is allowing me to find some great corners to take care of my business. Phil and Karla get really mad at me when I make a “bad potty” and I feel kind of bad. However, I have learned that when Phil takes me outside and says “Go potty!” that it’s the right time to go to the bathroom. I’ve even trained Phil to give me a treat and a belly rub when I’ve made a “good potty.”

Overall, I’ve definitely gotten used to my new home. I’m learning to nap during the day and stay quiet at night. My humans don’t seem to like it when I howl at night, so I’ve decided that it’s best to stay quiet. They’ve made my crate really small now, so there’s not much room for me to move. I’ve decided that I don’t want to make a mess where I need to sleep, so I’m learning to hold my potty until Phil takes me outside…or until I get into the kitchen. In return for my good behavior in my crate, I’ve negotiated with Phil and Karla to put the nice towels back in the crate.

We’re learning to work together, but I’m making small steps everyday to housebreak my humans. Before long, I’ll have free reign over the house and they won’t be able to say “No!” to this cute little face. Ta-ta for now!


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