My First Haircut

I had to go see Dr. Glenn again yesterday for another well-puppy check-up. Unfortunately, there was nothing “well” about it. Apparently I picked up a couple of parasites when I’ve been outside exploring everything, so I’m on a couple of meds now to get rid of them. I also had to get my rabies vaccine yesterday and it seems that I had a vaccine reaction to it. I spent the rest of the day yesterday throwing up and I felt miserable, but Phil and Karla were great. They tried to make me as comfortable as possible, so I was very grateful. First thing I did this morning was to devour my breakfast. I didn’t get to eat yesterday, so you can imagine how hungry I was.

This afternoon I went in to get my first haircut! We went to a groomer just down the street and they gave me a “puppy bath and trim.” I got all cleaned up, brushed out and got my face, feet and back-end trimmed. It’s terrific! I can actually see again. After five months, I was definitely due. The groomer says that after a couple of the puppy trims, they’ll be able to trim my body hair. My humans say that I look even cuter after my haircut. Phil did a little photo shoot to show off my new look. Check them out:


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