King Kong

We’ve been having some terrific July weather here over the past couple of days. It’s too hot to hang out in the sun during the day so my favorite time of the day is at night. The grass is cool and damp from the dew, the wind is calm and the air temperature is comfortable. I’ve also found that I’m not the only one that likes the warm summer nights.

The other night I was out going potty when I spotted something at the other end of the driveway. Dad had turned on the outside garage lights so that I could see where I was going, but tonight the lights cast an eerie shadow over this odd shape across the pavement.

I slowly approached the figure, being very careful not to scare it away. When I got within a foot of this mystery object, it suddenly leapt at me. Naturally, this scared me quite a bit. I jumped back, not knowing what to expect next. I approached the object again, but this time I circled the figure so that I could get another look. How fascinating, I thought. It seems that every living thing that I’ve come across has always been bigger than me. Normally, I have to look up, but this time I was the giant and could look down! It’s like I was King Kong and the frog was the person on the street trying to hide in his car from me. Dad was watching the whole thing and told me later that this mystery object was called a frog.

These balmy summer nights also seem to bring out a whole host interesting creatures. Lately I’ve been getting distracted when I go outside to go potty because I want to chase around all of the mosquitos, beetles, june bugs, spiders and moths. I’ll try to catch them in my mouth or pin them down with my paw. Sometimes, when I see a new creature for the first time, I’m a little more cautious when to try to catch it. Even though it’s a fraction of my size, it could still leap, crawl or fly at me…and I’m too young to die!

Puppy Power!


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