Living Room Snuggles

Mom and Dad and I have been spending a lot of bonding time at night. They hang out with me on the living room floor. The three of us snuggle up together while Mom and Dad work on their computers. One of my favorite nights is laundry night. As soon as those clothes hit the floor I like to dive in and come out with a towel or a miscellaneous sock. Sometimes it’s just easier to wait until the clothes are in neatly folded and then help Mom and Dad “unfold” the laundry. Mom and Dad always have to chase after me as I prance around with a sock hanging out the side of my mouth.

Socks are one of my favorite things to play with…especially when they’re stinky! When Mom and Dad come home from the gym, they sometimes leave their socks on the floor. I’ve learned that if I can grab a sock and dart out of the room really quick, I can usually gnaw on the sock for a few minutes until Mom or Dad catch me. I can’t explain it, but that stench tastes so good!

My absolute favorite time of the night though is dessert time! Mom and I seem to have the same sweet tooth. She’s got some great taste (pun intended) in dessert: cookies, brownies and ice cream. I can tell when she’s getting dessert ready in the kitchen, and as soon as she sits down, my tail’s wagging and I’m up on my hind legs waiting for her. She never shares the dessert with me, but I’ll keep trying.

Sleep Tight Puppy Pals!


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