Comfy Bed

Good Evening my long lost puppy pals!

I know, you may have thought that the hawk dog-napped me since I haven’t written in a while, but alas, Dad has just been hogging the computer at night so I haven’t had a chance to log on and share my stories with you.

Just as a quick update to the hawk situation: a couple weeks ago, we spotted the hawk on top of the roof of Tank’s house next door. I know the hawk isn’t hanging around there to snack on Tank, so I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for the hawk at night because I think he’s after me.

Speaking of nighttime, I was really sick of sleeping in my crate at night. Sure Mom and Dad had a towel in the bottom, but if you other doggies are like me, you like a little extra padding besides just a folded-up towel. I am proud to announce that I’ve now upgraded my sleeping quarters to Mom and Dad’s bed!

It started out with Saturday and Sunday morning snuggle sessions. After Dad woke up and took me outside to go potty, he would bring me back into bed with he and Mom. I was just so cute when I snuggled up to them, I could tell that they enjoyed snuggling with me as much as I enjoyed sleeping on a nice comfy bed.

Well, we did that for a couple of weekends in a row and then one night, they just brought me into bed with them. Boy, was that great! I played around for a little bit and crawled over Mom and Dad’s faces to show my thanks and then quickly curled up and went to sleep.

Mom and Dad were really nervous about bringing into bed for a whole night because I still can’t hold my bladder for more than a couple of hours at a time. They were concerned that I would make a mess on the comforter.

Instead, I did just the opposite. I’ve now trained Dad to get up in the middle of the night when I touch my wet nose to his face. It’s tremendous! I don’t have to get myself messy at night and as soon as I wake him up, he jumps out of bed and rushes me to the door.

Their bed is too high off the ground for me to jump up or jump off the bed, so I have to rely on Mom and Dad to do the lifting for me. I’ve thought about jumping off before, but I haven’t got that daring yet. Mom and Dad like it that way, because it means that I can’t jump off in the middle of the night and terrorize the rest of the house.

Well that does it for this post. I’ll make sure that I post more frequently, because this was entirely too long away from you! Talk to you soon!


[image credit: Londa Elle via Flickr]


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