“It’s (going to be) a ___________!”

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least the moment that the three of you reading this blog have been waiting for. For everybody else tuning in who may be interested in the big news, you’ll have to read down further in the post to find out if I’m going to be a big sister to a little baby boy or a little baby girl (I don’t want some of you curious humans to cheat by reading the little excerpt accompanying the blog link in Facebook).

For those of you who know my humans, you know that they’re planners. When it came down to whether or not they would find out if the new baby would have an “innie” or an “outie” there was no question that they would find out the gender at the 20-week ultrasound. They say that it was still very exciting to find out if Mom is carrying a little boy or a little girl inside of her and they couldn’t have lasted the entire 40 weeks wondering what color clothes they should buy. This news will also help them narrow down their list of possible names. Mom and Dad say that they’re not completely getting rid of the other names on their list, just in case Baby decides to surprise everybody, but I can’t wait until they’re only deciding between 25 names instead of the 50 names that they’ve been talking about so far.

So, without any further ado, the results of the ultrasound were very positive. As for all of the health markers that they look at in the ultrasound, Baby looks like a healthy, happy baby (must be all the fruits and veggies Mom feeds Baby!). And, it looks like I’m going to have a baby SISTER! I’m putting in my vote to name the baby Bella Jr (that could work, right?).

Well, time to get back to writing Chapter 10 of “What to Expect When Your Humans Are Expecting.” It’s a guidebook that I’m writing for other doggies to help them cope with the decreased attention that comes with a new baby. Hoping for a Pulitzer…


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