“It’s (going to be) a ___________!”

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least the moment that the three of you reading this blog have been waiting for. For everybody else tuning in who may be interested in the big news, you’ll have to read down further in the post to find out if I’m going to be a big sister to a little baby boy or a little baby girl (I don’t want some of you curious humans to cheat by reading the little excerpt accompanying the blog link in Facebook).

For those of you who know my humans, you know that they’re planners. When it came down to whether or not they would find out if the new baby would have an “innie” or an “outie” there was no question that they would find out the gender at the 20-week ultrasound. They say that it was still very exciting to find out if Mom is carrying a little boy or a little girl inside of her and they couldn’t have lasted the entire 40 weeks wondering what color clothes they should buy. This news will also help them narrow down their list of possible names. Mom and Dad say that they’re not completely getting rid of the other names on their list, just in case Baby decides to surprise everybody, but I can’t wait until they’re only deciding between 25 names instead of the 50 names that they’ve been talking about so far.

So, without any further ado, the results of the ultrasound were very positive. As for all of the health markers that they look at in the ultrasound, Baby looks like a healthy, happy baby (must be all the fruits and veggies Mom feeds Baby!). And, it looks like I’m going to have a baby SISTER! I’m putting in my vote to name the baby Bella Jr (that could work, right?).

Well, time to get back to writing Chapter 10 of “What to Expect When Your Humans Are Expecting.” It’s a guidebook that I’m writing for other doggies to help them cope with the decreased attention that comes with a new baby. Hoping for a Pulitzer…


My Humans are Pregnant!!

Unfortunately, my humans have ruined my surprise, but for those of you who haven’t heard, I’m going to get a baby brother or sister! I told my humans that I wanted to be the one to break the news to the world, but they were too excited and couldn’t hold in the secret. My new baby brother or sister is supposed to be dropped off by the stork on or around September 20th.

Mom and Dad seem to be pretty excited that there will be another human in the house, but to be honest, I feel a little betrayed. I was just getting comfortable being the queen of the house and I thought that Mom and Dad and I had an understanding that I was to remain the center of attention. I’m still trying to be open to the thought of being a big sister.

I knew I was going to be a big sister even before Mom and Dad knew. Call it intuition, but I could tell that Mom was pregnant right away. I used to follow Dad around everywhere, but once I figured out that Mom was pregnant, I wanted to snuggle up against Mom’s tummy and spend extra time with her.

This weekend I’ll have my first chance to hang around a tiny baby. Zoomer and Jax — two of my cousin dogs on Mom’s side of the family — just got a new baby brother. I’ll get to meet Zac this weekend. I’m going to treat it as a trial run to see what it’s like to be around a little baby. Wish me luck!

Now, Mom and Dad spend all of their extra attention on each other. They’re giggling and being all lovey-dovey with each other. I’m ready to be the center of attention again. I’ll keep you updated throughout the pregnancy as I learn how to get ready to be a big sister. My next post will come in 2 weeks when I’ll try to beat Mom and Dad to the news. In that post, I’ll let you know whether I’m going to have a baby brother or baby sister.

Thanks for tuning in my fellow puppy pals. Until next time…


I had a great past couple of months. Mom, Dad and I are inseparable! They take me out on errands and whenever they go somewhere. They call me their little pride and joy.

I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted a closer look at the cows in the backyard. I mean, they’ve got the same spots as me, they’re just a little bigger than I am. So one day when Dad took me out to go potty, I made a dash to the back fence line when he wasn’t looking. I found a gap in the fence big enough for me to sneak through and then I wiggled under the fence to the other side. Dad yelled at me and made me come back into the backyard. He said he was worried about me stepping in a cowpie. He just doesn’t seem to understand my need to explore!

I went as a cow for Halloween!

Besides the fence incident, I was getting really good at figuring out where our yard ends and the neighbors’ yards begin. That is, until yesterday. I went out later in the day to go potty and everything was white. It was snow! I had never seen anything like it. It was cold, wet and it stuck to my fur. Even though we only got a couple of inches, the snow was too deep for me. When I first tried to go potty, I had snow halfway up my belly.

After the snow fell, Dad shoveled out half of the front yard so that I’d have an open patch of grass through the winter to go potty. It was awfully nice of him to do that, but I go #1 and #2 in very exact locations. Mom and Dad are trying to change the potty rules on me. Don’t they understand that if they want me to go potty outside that they’ve got to let me pick the spot? Hopefully they’ll come around to my line of thinking.

Well friends, time to sign off. I’m in the process of writing our family’s Christmas letter and need to proofread. More to come soon! Goodnight!

– B

The Pedigree Foundation

Pedigree just finished an interesting social giving campaign to promote its Pedigree Foundation. Pedigree was donating a 20-lb bag of dog food to a local shelter for every blog post that was written about its program. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it back to the computer in time to write a blog post, so this post is kind of a moot point.

However, I still think that it was a great way to help out some of my less fortunate puppy pals. Sure, it’s a totally shameless plug for Pedigree, but at least they’re trying to help out dog shelters at the same time.

It looks like they still are donating a bowl of dog food for each “like” on their Facebook page.

Why I Need to Attend the MN Blogger Conference

Blogging is my therapy.

I can vent, pontificate and share my adventures with the world (or at least those that are willing to read about it…). Heck, sometimes blogging even allows me to be insightful.

I’ve heard it said that it’s unhealthy to talk to yourself – especially if you talk back. I find quite the opposite is true. In fact, this is the most important thing I’ve learned in my short time as a Doggie Blogger. When I write a blog post, I have a conversation back and forth with myself, trying to figure out what I want to write, what my readers (all four of them 😉 ) want to read about and how I can write it a fun, engaging and witty way.

Neither my human Dad (Phil) nor myself has spent much time doing any creative writing. Blogging allows me to tap into a unique corner of my brain that I don’t always get to access. Once the creative juices get going, I’m able to think more clearly and accomplish other tasks more efficiently.

Even if I don’t have a lot of people following my adventures yet, I live for the euphoric feeling I get after writing a great post. Even if it doesn’t come off as super insightful, I know that I’ve accomplished something that I normally wouldn’t have done.

I was reviewing the schedule and I was very disappointed that I didn’t get in front of a computer in time to get a ticket. My parents don’t have a computer setup in my kennel, so by the time they got home from work that day and let me out of my kennel it was already too late.

I need to go to the MN Blogger Conference (sponsored by Top Rank Online Marketing) to help flesh out and hone these skills that I’m beginning to develop. However, as a puppy, I don’t think CoCo would let me in for the event, so I would like to be able to send my Dad, Phil Wocken (@pwocken), in my place. I know that he needs to hone his skills more than I need to, so he would also greatly benefit from the conference. Since I have aspirations to share my adventures with a greater audience, I would be very anxious to hear what he learned and how I can implement those topics into my own blog.

Thank you for considering me for the coveted conference ticket. I would be very grateful to have the opportunity to attend the event!

With Love,


Housebreaking Your Human

Summer Recap

Wow. September already! It seems like the summer just flew by! There’s already a little chill in the air, which excites me to see what the changing seasons will bring. Thinking back on my first summer and how fast it went, I remembered that a lot has happened that I forgot to tell you about.

I spent a lot time out at Grandma and Grandpa Schaefer’s home. They live out on a lake, so when I was outside, I usually hung out by the water. I went fishing with Dad a couple of times and then one weekend, Mom and Dad took me swimming. THAT was an experience!

"How do I cast this again?"

I was so mad at Dad when he first put me in the water. He just set me in and expected me to keep my head above water. No kidding! He just let me go and swam away. Lucky for him, my short little legs can move pretty quickly. He couldn’t swim away fast enough. Eventually, I caught up to him and climbed onto his back as he was still swimming. I figured that he made me do enough work as it was so he could do the rest of the swimming.

No such luck. Apparently, I was too good of a swimmer that Mom and Dad took me out swimming that whole weekend. I was really getting the hang of swimming by Sunday afternoon. Dad would be out on the swimming raft and Mom would stay on the dock. They would set me in the water and I’d have to swim either to the dock or to the swimming raft. Then they’d pull me out of the water to give me a chance to catch my breath.

One time, I was out on the swimming raft with Dad when a wave came along and tossed me off the raft. I was definitely NOT expecting that. After a quick panic attack, I quickly regained my bearings and took off for the dock. After that, I refused to go anywhere near the edge of the raft for fear that I would fall in again.

Another time, I was out on the raft trying to dry off when Dad actually pushed me off the raft. Again, I had a quick panic attack before swimming towards the dock. I was on a straight course for Mom when all of a sudden, I started drifting off to the side. I don’t know why I stopped going straight, but I ended up swimming right into a patch of lily pads.

My little legs got caught up in the stems and I started to freak out. Luckily I was only a few feet from the dock, so Mom went into rescue mode and jumped in to save me. She wasn’t even in her swimsuit, only in her normal clothes.  I might have made it out okay, but thanks to Mom, I was able to get to dry land quickly. Needless to say, I was done swimming after that.

The rest of the summer seemed to go by in a blur. I’ve spent as much time as possible outside since it’s been so nice out. Whether it’s mowing the lawn with Dad, running laps around the house, checking out the cows on the other side of the fence, chatting it up with Tank or hunting bugs, I love the outdoors!

Time to head off to bed, I see Mom turning down the bed. Sleep tight…I know I will!

Good Night! 🙂


Comfy Bed

Good Evening my long lost puppy pals!

I know, you may have thought that the hawk dog-napped me since I haven’t written in a while, but alas, Dad has just been hogging the computer at night so I haven’t had a chance to log on and share my stories with you.

Just as a quick update to the hawk situation: a couple weeks ago, we spotted the hawk on top of the roof of Tank’s house next door. I know the hawk isn’t hanging around there to snack on Tank, so I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for the hawk at night because I think he’s after me.

Speaking of nighttime, I was really sick of sleeping in my crate at night. Sure Mom and Dad had a towel in the bottom, but if you other doggies are like me, you like a little extra padding besides just a folded-up towel. I am proud to announce that I’ve now upgraded my sleeping quarters to Mom and Dad’s bed!

It started out with Saturday and Sunday morning snuggle sessions. After Dad woke up and took me outside to go potty, he would bring me back into bed with he and Mom. I was just so cute when I snuggled up to them, I could tell that they enjoyed snuggling with me as much as I enjoyed sleeping on a nice comfy bed.

Well, we did that for a couple of weekends in a row and then one night, they just brought me into bed with them. Boy, was that great! I played around for a little bit and crawled over Mom and Dad’s faces to show my thanks and then quickly curled up and went to sleep.

Mom and Dad were really nervous about bringing into bed for a whole night because I still can’t hold my bladder for more than a couple of hours at a time. They were concerned that I would make a mess on the comforter.

Instead, I did just the opposite. I’ve now trained Dad to get up in the middle of the night when I touch my wet nose to his face. It’s tremendous! I don’t have to get myself messy at night and as soon as I wake him up, he jumps out of bed and rushes me to the door.

Their bed is too high off the ground for me to jump up or jump off the bed, so I have to rely on Mom and Dad to do the lifting for me. I’ve thought about jumping off before, but I haven’t got that daring yet. Mom and Dad like it that way, because it means that I can’t jump off in the middle of the night and terrorize the rest of the house.

Well that does it for this post. I’ll make sure that I post more frequently, because this was entirely too long away from you! Talk to you soon!


[image credit: Londa Elle via Flickr]

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