Bella the Hunter AND Bella the Hunted

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I’ve been investigating the miniature wildlife outside our front door. Well I continue to be fascinated by these little critters. Lately the warm weather has brought out crickets and grasshoppers. They’ll hang out on the driveway and so whenever I go out to go potty at night, they’re always out there waiting for me.

I’m still trying to figure out how these grasshoppers and crickets are able to jump so far. I spot them on the driveway and when I go over and sniff around, they’ll jump away from me. Then I chase after them and then they’ll jump away again. Well after doing this for a couple of nights, I’ve gotten smarter and quicker. Tonight I got to the grasshopper before he could jump away. Unfortunately, Mr. Grasshopper didn’t like being swallowed so he kept trying to get out. After I swallowed him I felt a weird tingling in the back of my throat as he was trying to jump out. I spit him out and then he hopped away. That is, until I caught him again. He didn’t taste any better this time around, but that didn’t stop me.

It’s one thing to be King of the Driveway, but I humbly learned the other night that I’m not invincible. At night Dad and I have been hearing a really creepy sound. Mom and Dad say it’s like living in Jurassic Park. It turns out that there are two hawks that have a nest in the pasture behind the house. At night I can hear them flying talking back and forth as they fly around the neighborhood. Three nights ago, Dad saw one of the hawks perched on the roof of the house across the street.

Tank and Tank’s dad were out the other night and they had some scary news. Apparently one of the hawks spotted one of the other dogs down the street and swooped down to try and pick him up. The dog dodged the hawk, but just barely. The scary thing is that this dog weighs twice as much as me. After Dad and I heard that news, he and I stick pretty close to each other when we’re outside.

I found out one thing for sure: it’s one thing to King of the Driveway, but it’s no match for the King of the Skies.


Slumber Party!

This week I had my first sleepover! I went over to Grandpa John and Grandma Laura’s to spend the night. It was the first night I spent away from Mom and Dad since I came home with them. I think that Mom and Dad missed me more than I missed though, because when they left me, they looked at me with those big, sad, droopy eyes. I know that look. Now they know how I feel when they leave me alone for the day. I wasn’t too worried though; I knew I was in good hands.

Aunt Hannah and Uncle Dominic took really great care of me. Dad gave them a big long list of instructions before he left, but they did a really great job. Hannah stayed up late with me so that I could go potty before bedtime and Dominic woke up at 4:45 in the morning so that I could go potty at my normal time.

Grandma and Grandpa have never had a dog before, but every time that I hang out at their house, I think they get closer and closer to getting a puppy of their own so that I have another doggie to play with. It’s simply my irresistible puppy charm. I’m just too darn cute.

I really enjoyed my sleepover and I think that Mom and Dad enjoyed having some time to themselves, but it was nice to back home in my own bed again.

Good Night Puppy Posse!

Living Room Snuggles

Mom and Dad and I have been spending a lot of bonding time at night. They hang out with me on the living room floor. The three of us snuggle up together while Mom and Dad work on their computers. One of my favorite nights is laundry night. As soon as those clothes hit the floor I like to dive in and come out with a towel or a miscellaneous sock. Sometimes it’s just easier to wait until the clothes are in neatly folded and then help Mom and Dad “unfold” the laundry. Mom and Dad always have to chase after me as I prance around with a sock hanging out the side of my mouth.

Socks are one of my favorite things to play with…especially when they’re stinky! When Mom and Dad come home from the gym, they sometimes leave their socks on the floor. I’ve learned that if I can grab a sock and dart out of the room really quick, I can usually gnaw on the sock for a few minutes until Mom or Dad catch me. I can’t explain it, but that stench tastes so good!

My absolute favorite time of the night though is dessert time! Mom and I seem to have the same sweet tooth. She’s got some great taste (pun intended) in dessert: cookies, brownies and ice cream. I can tell when she’s getting dessert ready in the kitchen, and as soon as she sits down, my tail’s wagging and I’m up on my hind legs waiting for her. She never shares the dessert with me, but I’ll keep trying.

Sleep Tight Puppy Pals!

King Kong

We’ve been having some terrific July weather here over the past couple of days. It’s too hot to hang out in the sun during the day so my favorite time of the day is at night. The grass is cool and damp from the dew, the wind is calm and the air temperature is comfortable. I’ve also found that I’m not the only one that likes the warm summer nights.

The other night I was out going potty when I spotted something at the other end of the driveway. Dad had turned on the outside garage lights so that I could see where I was going, but tonight the lights cast an eerie shadow over this odd shape across the pavement.

I slowly approached the figure, being very careful not to scare it away. When I got within a foot of this mystery object, it suddenly leapt at me. Naturally, this scared me quite a bit. I jumped back, not knowing what to expect next. I approached the object again, but this time I circled the figure so that I could get another look. How fascinating, I thought. It seems that every living thing that I’ve come across has always been bigger than me. Normally, I have to look up, but this time I was the giant and could look down! It’s like I was King Kong and the frog was the person on the street trying to hide in his car from me. Dad was watching the whole thing and told me later that this mystery object was called a frog.

These balmy summer nights also seem to bring out a whole host interesting creatures. Lately I’ve been getting distracted when I go outside to go potty because I want to chase around all of the mosquitos, beetles, june bugs, spiders and moths. I’ll try to catch them in my mouth or pin them down with my paw. Sometimes, when I see a new creature for the first time, I’m a little more cautious when to try to catch it. Even though it’s a fraction of my size, it could still leap, crawl or fly at me…and I’m too young to die!

Puppy Power!

The Great Outdoors

We’ve had some awesome summer weather here, lately, and it’s given us some nice, soft grass at the house. I’ve decided that I much rather prefer to go to the bathroom outside on the lawn than in the kitchen. I’ve now trained my humans to bring me outside whenever I stand by the front door. It’s pretty easy. They’re still paranoid that I’m making a mess when they can’t see me, so as soon as they hear me by the front door, I immediately get their attention.

You see, I still don’t like to bark (except when they leave me during the day), so I’ve taught my parents to leave my collar on me, even when I’m in the house. Since I’m so low to the ground, my identification tag and rabies tag drag on the ceramic tile when I sniff around. When I walk over to the door, it lets them know that I’m waiting to go out. From there, I just have to look back at them without even opening my mouth. It feels go great to go outside.

My humans even bought me a present to celebrate my outside “outings.” They got me a super comfy bed that I can lay in. It’s a great place to chew on my pig ear and nap. Now if only my crate was that comfortable…

It’s 4th of July this weekend, so from what I hear, we’re off to meet more people and spend a lot of time outside. To all my puppy pals, stay safe, stay hydrated and happy housebreaking!

Me in my new bed! Doesn't that look comfy?

My First Haircut

I had to go see Dr. Glenn again yesterday for another well-puppy check-up. Unfortunately, there was nothing “well” about it. Apparently I picked up a couple of parasites when I’ve been outside exploring everything, so I’m on a couple of meds now to get rid of them. I also had to get my rabies vaccine yesterday and it seems that I had a vaccine reaction to it. I spent the rest of the day yesterday throwing up and I felt miserable, but Phil and Karla were great. They tried to make me as comfortable as possible, so I was very grateful. First thing I did this morning was to devour my breakfast. I didn’t get to eat yesterday, so you can imagine how hungry I was.

This afternoon I went in to get my first haircut! We went to a groomer just down the street and they gave me a “puppy bath and trim.” I got all cleaned up, brushed out and got my face, feet and back-end trimmed. It’s terrific! I can actually see again. After five months, I was definitely due. The groomer says that after a couple of the puppy trims, they’ll be able to trim my body hair. My humans say that I look even cuter after my haircut. Phil did a little photo shoot to show off my new look. Check them out:

Love is in the Air!

It’s been a little bit since I wrote last, but I’ve been awfully busy. I’ll try to recap my week as best as I can. My humans were beginning to think that they were in charge, so I had to make sure that I took back the reigns. They think that they can just tell me to “Come here!” or “Stay there!” and expect me to listen. I want to explore, push the boundaries and get into mischief. That’s what I do! That’s what all of us puppies are meant to do! So I’ve decided that when they tell me to “Come here!” that I’m going to stay right where I’m at. When I don’t listen, they get mad and then try to walk over and pick me up. As soon as they get close to me, I bolt. I get a good laugh out of it. One day, Phil had to chase me around the yard a couple of times before he caught me.

Thanks to Laura W.’s comment on last week’s post, I suggested to Phil and Karla that they give me some things to preoccupy myself when they’re away. They wouldn’t give me any more toys in my crate because they said that they didn’t want to clean off poop from the toys when they got home, but we were able to compromise. They set a picture of themselves next to the crate and turn on some music now when they leave. Phil must have taken some advice on separation anxiety, because now he growls at me before leaving me alone. Other humans probably think he’s crazy, but it’s kind of comforting to me. I prefer listening to a little lite rock because it puts me at ease and allows me to nap easier when they’re away.

Every once and a while I have to go potty when I’m in my crate, so when my humans come home they have to change out my crate towel, but overall, I have had only a couple of accidents on the floor over the past week, so I’m getting better at “holding it,” which makes Phil and Karla VERY happy.

On a romantic note, Tank (the German Shepherd next door) and I went on a date the other night. Well, kind of. Phil, Karla and I went next door for a bonfire with the neighbors the other night. Tank and I tried to sneak off together, but our humans busted us. And then, last night my humans and I were hanging out in the front yard and Tank came over to see me. Phil and Karla told him to go home, but I thought it was cute that he wanted to say “Hi.” It’s too early to tell, but I think there’s some real chemistry between us. I think it really is true that opposites attract! I’m smiling now just thinking about him.

Good night everyone and sweet dreams!

(photo courtesy: angiemckaig, Flickr)

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