“It’s (going to be) a ___________!”

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least the moment that the three of you reading this blog have been waiting for. For everybody else tuning in who may be interested in the big news, you’ll have to read down further in the post to find out if I’m going to be a big sister to a little baby boy or a little baby girl (I don’t want some of you curious humans to cheat by reading the little excerpt accompanying the blog link in Facebook).

For those of you who know my humans, you know that they’re planners. When it came down to whether or not they would find out if the new baby would have an “innie” or an “outie” there was no question that they would find out the gender at the 20-week ultrasound. They say that it was still very exciting to find out if Mom is carrying a little boy or a little girl inside of her and they couldn’t have lasted the entire 40 weeks wondering what color clothes they should buy. This news will also help them narrow down their list of possible names. Mom and Dad say that they’re not completely getting rid of the other names on their list, just in case Baby decides to surprise everybody, but I can’t wait until they’re only deciding between 25 names instead of the 50 names that they’ve been talking about so far.

So, without any further ado, the results of the ultrasound were very positive. As for all of the health markers that they look at in the ultrasound, Baby looks like a healthy, happy baby (must be all the fruits and veggies Mom feeds Baby!). And, it looks like I’m going to have a baby SISTER! I’m putting in my vote to name the baby Bella Jr (that could work, right?).

Well, time to get back to writing Chapter 10 of “What to Expect When Your Humans Are Expecting.” It’s a guidebook that I’m writing for other doggies to help them cope with the decreased attention that comes with a new baby. Hoping for a Pulitzer…


My Humans are Pregnant!!

Unfortunately, my humans have ruined my surprise, but for those of you who haven’t heard, I’m going to get a baby brother or sister! I told my humans that I wanted to be the one to break the news to the world, but they were too excited and couldn’t hold in the secret. My new baby brother or sister is supposed to be dropped off by the stork on or around September 20th.

Mom and Dad seem to be pretty excited that there will be another human in the house, but to be honest, I feel a little betrayed. I was just getting comfortable being the queen of the house and I thought that Mom and Dad and I had an understanding that I was to remain the center of attention. I’m still trying to be open to the thought of being a big sister.

I knew I was going to be a big sister even before Mom and Dad knew. Call it intuition, but I could tell that Mom was pregnant right away. I used to follow Dad around everywhere, but once I figured out that Mom was pregnant, I wanted to snuggle up against Mom’s tummy and spend extra time with her.

This weekend I’ll have my first chance to hang around a tiny baby. Zoomer and Jax — two of my cousin dogs on Mom’s side of the family — just got a new baby brother. I’ll get to meet Zac this weekend. I’m going to treat it as a trial run to see what it’s like to be around a little baby. Wish me luck!

Now, Mom and Dad spend all of their extra attention on each other. They’re giggling and being all lovey-dovey with each other. I’m ready to be the center of attention again. I’ll keep you updated throughout the pregnancy as I learn how to get ready to be a big sister. My next post will come in 2 weeks when I’ll try to beat Mom and Dad to the news. In that post, I’ll let you know whether I’m going to have a baby brother or baby sister.

Thanks for tuning in my fellow puppy pals. Until next time…


I had a great past couple of months. Mom, Dad and I are inseparable! They take me out on errands and whenever they go somewhere. They call me their little pride and joy.

I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted a closer look at the cows in the backyard. I mean, they’ve got the same spots as me, they’re just a little bigger than I am. So one day when Dad took me out to go potty, I made a dash to the back fence line when he wasn’t looking. I found a gap in the fence big enough for me to sneak through and then I wiggled under the fence to the other side. Dad yelled at me and made me come back into the backyard. He said he was worried about me stepping in a cowpie. He just doesn’t seem to understand my need to explore!

I went as a cow for Halloween!

Besides the fence incident, I was getting really good at figuring out where our yard ends and the neighbors’ yards begin. That is, until yesterday. I went out later in the day to go potty and everything was white. It was snow! I had never seen anything like it. It was cold, wet and it stuck to my fur. Even though we only got a couple of inches, the snow was too deep for me. When I first tried to go potty, I had snow halfway up my belly.

After the snow fell, Dad shoveled out half of the front yard so that I’d have an open patch of grass through the winter to go potty. It was awfully nice of him to do that, but I go #1 and #2 in very exact locations. Mom and Dad are trying to change the potty rules on me. Don’t they understand that if they want me to go potty outside that they’ve got to let me pick the spot? Hopefully they’ll come around to my line of thinking.

Well friends, time to sign off. I’m in the process of writing our family’s Christmas letter and need to proofread. More to come soon! Goodnight!

– B

The Pedigree Foundation

Pedigree just finished an interesting social giving campaign to promote its Pedigree Foundation. Pedigree was donating a 20-lb bag of dog food to a local shelter for every blog post that was written about its program. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it back to the computer in time to write a blog post, so this post is kind of a moot point.

However, I still think that it was a great way to help out some of my less fortunate puppy pals. Sure, it’s a totally shameless plug for Pedigree, but at least they’re trying to help out dog shelters at the same time.

It looks like they still are donating a bowl of dog food for each “like” on their Facebook page.

Bella the Hunter AND Bella the Hunted

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I’ve been investigating the miniature wildlife outside our front door. Well I continue to be fascinated by these little critters. Lately the warm weather has brought out crickets and grasshoppers. They’ll hang out on the driveway and so whenever I go out to go potty at night, they’re always out there waiting for me.

I’m still trying to figure out how these grasshoppers and crickets are able to jump so far. I spot them on the driveway and when I go over and sniff around, they’ll jump away from me. Then I chase after them and then they’ll jump away again. Well after doing this for a couple of nights, I’ve gotten smarter and quicker. Tonight I got to the grasshopper before he could jump away. Unfortunately, Mr. Grasshopper didn’t like being swallowed so he kept trying to get out. After I swallowed him I felt a weird tingling in the back of my throat as he was trying to jump out. I spit him out and then he hopped away. That is, until I caught him again. He didn’t taste any better this time around, but that didn’t stop me.

It’s one thing to be King of the Driveway, but I humbly learned the other night that I’m not invincible. At night Dad and I have been hearing a really creepy sound. Mom and Dad say it’s like living in Jurassic Park. It turns out that there are two hawks that have a nest in the pasture behind the house. At night I can hear them flying talking back and forth as they fly around the neighborhood. Three nights ago, Dad saw one of the hawks perched on the roof of the house across the street.

Tank and Tank’s dad were out the other night and they had some scary news. Apparently one of the hawks spotted one of the other dogs down the street and swooped down to try and pick him up. The dog dodged the hawk, but just barely. The scary thing is that this dog weighs twice as much as me. After Dad and I heard that news, he and I stick pretty close to each other when we’re outside.

I found out one thing for sure: it’s one thing to King of the Driveway, but it’s no match for the King of the Skies.

Slumber Party!

This week I had my first sleepover! I went over to Grandpa John and Grandma Laura’s to spend the night. It was the first night I spent away from Mom and Dad since I came home with them. I think that Mom and Dad missed me more than I missed though, because when they left me, they looked at me with those big, sad, droopy eyes. I know that look. Now they know how I feel when they leave me alone for the day. I wasn’t too worried though; I knew I was in good hands.

Aunt Hannah and Uncle Dominic took really great care of me. Dad gave them a big long list of instructions before he left, but they did a really great job. Hannah stayed up late with me so that I could go potty before bedtime and Dominic woke up at 4:45 in the morning so that I could go potty at my normal time.

Grandma and Grandpa have never had a dog before, but every time that I hang out at their house, I think they get closer and closer to getting a puppy of their own so that I have another doggie to play with. It’s simply my irresistible puppy charm. I’m just too darn cute.

I really enjoyed my sleepover and I think that Mom and Dad enjoyed having some time to themselves, but it was nice to back home in my own bed again.

Good Night Puppy Posse!

Living Room Snuggles

Mom and Dad and I have been spending a lot of bonding time at night. They hang out with me on the living room floor. The three of us snuggle up together while Mom and Dad work on their computers. One of my favorite nights is laundry night. As soon as those clothes hit the floor I like to dive in and come out with a towel or a miscellaneous sock. Sometimes it’s just easier to wait until the clothes are in neatly folded and then help Mom and Dad “unfold” the laundry. Mom and Dad always have to chase after me as I prance around with a sock hanging out the side of my mouth.

Socks are one of my favorite things to play with…especially when they’re stinky! When Mom and Dad come home from the gym, they sometimes leave their socks on the floor. I’ve learned that if I can grab a sock and dart out of the room really quick, I can usually gnaw on the sock for a few minutes until Mom or Dad catch me. I can’t explain it, but that stench tastes so good!

My absolute favorite time of the night though is dessert time! Mom and I seem to have the same sweet tooth. She’s got some great taste (pun intended) in dessert: cookies, brownies and ice cream. I can tell when she’s getting dessert ready in the kitchen, and as soon as she sits down, my tail’s wagging and I’m up on my hind legs waiting for her. She never shares the dessert with me, but I’ll keep trying.

Sleep Tight Puppy Pals!

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