I had a great past couple of months. Mom, Dad and I are inseparable! They take me out on errands and whenever they go somewhere. They call me their little pride and joy.

I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted a closer look at the cows in the backyard. I mean, they’ve got the same spots as me, they’re just a little bigger than I am. So one day when Dad took me out to go potty, I made a dash to the back fence line when he wasn’t looking. I found a gap in the fence big enough for me to sneak through and then I wiggled under the fence to the other side. Dad yelled at me and made me come back into the backyard. He said he was worried about me stepping in a cowpie. He just doesn’t seem to understand my need to explore!

I went as a cow for Halloween!

Besides the fence incident, I was getting really good at figuring out where our yard ends and the neighbors’ yards begin. That is, until yesterday. I went out later in the day to go potty and everything was white. It was snow! I had never seen anything like it. It was cold, wet and it stuck to my fur. Even though we only got a couple of inches, the snow was too deep for me. When I first tried to go potty, I had snow halfway up my belly.

After the snow fell, Dad shoveled out half of the front yard so that I’d have an open patch of grass through the winter to go potty. It was awfully nice of him to do that, but I go #1 and #2 in very exact locations. Mom and Dad are trying to change the potty rules on me. Don’t they understand that if they want me to go potty outside that they’ve got to let me pick the spot? Hopefully they’ll come around to my line of thinking.

Well friends, time to sign off. I’m in the process of writing our family’s Christmas letter and need to proofread. More to come soon! Goodnight!

– B